The Popular Life

{October 25, 2012}   A Silent Scream

silent screamEvery day he comes here, touching my hand and gently squeezing my fingers.  He smells like a sweet cologne, his voice low and deep when he whispers that he loves me into my ear.  I lay in this bed stiff, each day trying to move and touch him back.  My brain is working, controlling my hearing, my sense of smell and touch.  I am sure it is controlling my sight as well but I cannot move my eyelids.  How can one be so weak as to not be able to move their eyelids?  A person who is alive but not living is too feeble to control their own body, and I am that person.

I do not know if it is day or night, it appears to be night all of my days. While I lay here all I do is dream, mostly nightmares.  I cannot see what is happening around me, only what happened to get me here.  A late night walk home from a party, it was loud and every single one of my friends was there.  I stumbled home unconsciously, laughing the entire way.  The air not only felt crisp but smelled clean.  It was no different than any other Friday night for me until that very moment, when I was knocked to the ground and each inch of dignity I had was taken from me.  My screams were lost in the darkness, if anyone heard my cries, no one answered them.  My head repeatedly hit against the hard, cold cement, the smell of garbage was near and I could feel the vomit fill my mouth.  The blood trickle between my legs as I was abused none stop, my face was pushed against the gritty ground, my skin peeled away slowly.  With the last thrust, something hard hit the back of my head and then there was blackness.

Why could I not have amnesia in this state? I lay here like a board unable to cry out, but for what purpose was there to cry out?  The only one who could hear me was my murderer, he was the only one alone with me that night and he is the only one alone with me now.  Touching my hands, and squeezing my fingers, whispering he loves me into my ear.

Thank you for reading tonight’s quick fix, so what do you think?  Hope you come back next week. © 2012 S. Blizzard Robinson


sixteen starsIt was officially my birthday, I was sixteen years old and what were my parents doing?  They were celebrating their anniversary! I couldn’t be more upset, how selfish were they?  It wasn’t my fault I was born on this day.

“Eva, it’s Thursday, I promise you this weekend will be all about you.” My mother’s brown eyes pleaded for my acceptance.

“Mom, I just don’t understand why you guys have to go out tonight.” I whined.

My mother grabbed her red leather purse from the small cherry oak table in the foyer, “Honey, can we talk about this later?  Your dad and I are going to be late for the show.”

“But mom -” I started.

“But mom nothing,” My dad interrupted  his thick eyebrows furrowed with anger.  His eyes were like eight balls black as coal. “My father grabbed my mother’s tan arm, “Lily let’s go, you two have been having this conversation for a half hour now.”

My mother pulled from my father slightly and kissed me on the cheek, “Remember, you can have a friend over and call your dad’s cell if you need to.”

“Call if there is an emergency.” My dad squeezed my hand. “Listen, these tickets were a gift to us, and I promise we will make it up to you this weekend.” My dad kissed my hand and I instantly felt better.

“Okay.” I said, my dad always knew how to make me feel better.  My mother straightened out her silk blue dress, and smooth her hand down her sleek black hair, before kissing me on the cheek again.  Her straight black hair tickled my eye, and I could smell her flowery perfume.  She put her hands through my dad’s white hair before walking out of the door.

I didn’t waste much time before calling Billy over to my house, my parents said I could have a friend over, they didn’t say the friend couldn’t be a boy.  I walked out onto my step and waited for Billy.  I looked up at the dark sky, not one star in sight but the full moon help light up the reservation.  I looked around the tiny street of small lime green homes, all identical except the numbers on the front.

Where was Billy? I stood on my tip toes and looked to the left, as if making myself stand taller would help me find him. I was immediately swept off of my feet by two strong arms around my waist.  My heart felt like it was racing on the outside of my chest, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand like soldiers ready to attack.

“Who are you looking for?” A low whisper was close to my ear, I immediately recognized the voice and turned around to find Billy laughing hysterically.

I smacked him on the chest, “Don’t do that! You scared the shit out of me!”

He continued to laugh and shield his body from my smacks, he grabbed my waist again, but this time lifting me up, draping me over his shoulder.  We headed into my small house.  The bright light hurt my eyes, and I had to close them.  I felt my back hit the springy peach couch and I smiled seductively at Billy.  He leaned over me and he smelled like Irish Spring, his breath was warm against my skin.

“Happy Birthday Baby.” He whispered before pressing his soft lips onto mine, he tasted sweet like powdered sugar and I felt my entire body heat up. “I got something for you.” He lifted his body slightly, reaching into the pocket of his dark denim jeans.  He pulled out a necklace made of brown leather, and a large black opal pendent.  The pendent had tiny white stars on the front.  “I know how you love stars and this one has sixteen of them for your birthday.”

“Oh Billy!” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Thank you! Thank you!” Unlike my parents, Billy was thinking about me tonight. “I have something for you too.”

“What is it?” His light brown eyes were filled with curiosity as he pushed his dark brown hair from his face.

I pulled my white peasant top over my head and began reaching behind my back to unbuckle my cotton bra, when Billy hand grabbed mine, his hand sweaty and shaking.

“Wait! Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“Yes.” There was a lump in my throat and my words were barely a whisper.

Billy pressed his lips against mine again, this time forcing his tongue between my teeth, I moaned as his tongue swept the inside of my mouth in a circular motion.  I felt drunken with desire and need.  I lifted his gray t-shirt over his head, pressing my hand onto his hard chest and could feel his heart racing, his breathing unsteady.  Billy quickly unbuttoned his pants, and I pulled my wet panties from beneath my brown skirt.  He placed himself over me, he wet his fingers and placed them inside of me, I groaned in pain.  I know he was trying to be gentle, so I fought stiffening beneath him. I felt awkward but at the same time I didn’t want him to stop. I lifted myself against his hand and heard him growl into my ear.  His chest pressed against my breast and they began to ache impatiently. He pressed himself inside of me, he was warm and the sensation of him moving inside of me was intoxicating.  His hands cupped my breasts and his fingers rolled over my nipples causing them harden beneath his touch. I accepted each one of his thrust although painful, it made me feel connected to him. I arched my back and rock against his hard body, I couldn’t get enough of him.  He leaned in closer to me his warm breath on my neck, his eyelashes tickling my face sending shivers down my spine.  My breathing became shallow and I could feel myself pulsating, I dug my nails into his shoulders feeling myself lose control. And in our final moments I felt him flood inside of me, his weight heavy over me.

Flashing blue lights filled the window and took me out of my trance.

“I wonder what the natives are getting into tonight.” Billy said, his voice hoarse and raspy.

“I don’t know, we should check it out.” I began dressing myself quickly and Billy followed suit.

We walked to the front door, the police and Chief Ron were heading our way.  Chief Ron’s gray hair was braided long down his back, his wife Nancy followed closely behind.  The wrinkled faces showed sadness, even in the darkness.

“Eva.” The Chief spoke, “The police have come to me with some sad news. Your mom and dad were in an accident tonight and -”

“Noooo!!!” I screamed before Chief Ron could finish. The lump in my throat felt as if it was cutting off my airway.  I ran into my house knocking things down until I reach my house phone, “I dialed my dad’s phone over and over.  The ringing in my ear was like stabbing to my ear drums.  I felt the Chief take the phone from my hand.

“Eva listen -” The chief started.

“No! My dad said to call him if there was an emergency.” I reached for the phone.

“Your parents didn’t make it, let me take you to the hospital.” The Chief offered.

“I don’t believe you.” I continued to fight my way back towards my house.  They were lying, they had the wrong couple.  It was a mistake, I told myself as the tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Come on.” Billy whispered, holding my hand and guiding me to the door.  I felt like a zombie, I wasn’t walking, I was gliding across the floor.  I don’t think my feet touched the ground.  As we walked onto the lawn, the night air swept across my face, it was soft like a cotton swab, cool and familiar.  I looked up into the lonely sky, expecting it to bare and black like before, but two stars stared at me from the sky, it was then that I knew.

Thanks for reading my first of many quick fixes, hopefully it was a short satisfying read.  This is my first attempt at writing an erotic scene.  I want to try something new and challenge myself. Please feel free to comment, as well as suggestions. If you have a great photo that will go with this story, email me at

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{October 16, 2012}   SNIPPETS

My Popular Life (This excerpt is a brief interaction between Kara Stephens (doesn’t fit in, so she bullies instead) and Blake Jacobson (most popular boy in middle school):

I sat down at a table directly across from theirs, not because I wanted to but because it was the only empty table in the cafeteria.

“On a diet huh?” I heard Blake’s annoying voice from across the table.

“You always have something to say don’t you? Get a life!” I responded.

“You’re lucky I didn’t mention that you look like a giant ball of constipation today.”

“Really? Is that all you got?  That doesn’t even make sense.  A giant ball of constipation?” I said, as I secretly regretted wearing this stupid brown t-shirt and black sweat pants. “I’d rather look like this instead of a broke down Justin Bieber.” The lunchroom laughed.  You would think I would be happy about this, but this was a problem.  It meant that people are now paying attention and that was only adding fuel to the fire.

My Formerly Popular Life Meet Amber Piper, an inbetweener (student who isn’t popular or nerdy) who just doesn’t get Math, or any other subject for that matter:

The class boredom was overwhelming, I decided to text my friend Megan England. One of the only people I could be goofy with.

ME: OMG! Lamest class ever!

MEGAN: Lamer than my home ec class, that’s in a trailer in the back of the school? And Y da heck are we learning about values and credit cards. I came to bake cakes.


I couldn’t stop grinning as I text Megan, she was so funny.

“Ms. Piper?” Mrs. Vanderbilt interrupted my thoughts, “I know when you guys are texting, because no one stares at their crotch and smiles. How about you come to the board and find the hypotenuse of this triangle?”

The class laughed, I could feel my face turn beet red.

I go up to the board and just stare at the picture drawn, in hopes that I can magically think something up.

My Not So Popular Life: Noelle Santiago had a taste of stardom and didn’t like it, here’s a quick look at Noelle:

My first kiss was a weird, practiced on my teddy bear first type of kiss.  It was written in the script, so it had to be done. I was so excited the day of the big kiss, I brushed my teeth at least eleven times, I used the best tasting lip gloss I owned, and I ate fifteen peppermints before the big moment.

That moment came, Luke Easton or Jake Davis (his character’s name) stood in front of me, well actually my character Luisa Sanchez, looking amazing.  His blonde hair was even lighter beneath all the bright stage lighting, and his hazel eyes were like a fantasy. My palms started to sweat, my heart was doing flips, and there I was shaking like a leaf.

“And action!” The director said.

“Luisa, I can’t pretend anymore.” Luke (Jake Davis) leaned down and pressed his lips on mine.  His very hard chapped lips, was his lips made of bones?  And what was that smell? If I was a vampire I’d be dead.  It was the longest, most disappointing, and dreadful three seconds of my life!  I’d practiced all night on Ping Pong my adorable teddy bear, for this? I touched my finger to my lips and looked at my hand, no blood, shocking.

Do you think pre-teens will enjoy these short stories? Yeah, me neither. Just kidding, the book is doing okay here locally with some middle school girls.  I haven’t learned how to market quite yet, or maybe I haven’t tried because I am my biggest critic.  Am I a great author? I would say not yet because I am still learning.  But one thing’s for sure, I am a great story teller, and I plan to give you a taste of that whenever I can with this blog. See you here in the future, hope you enjoy!

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