The Popular Life

{October 16, 2012}   SNIPPETS

My Popular Life (This excerpt is a brief interaction between Kara Stephens (doesn’t fit in, so she bullies instead) and Blake Jacobson (most popular boy in middle school):

I sat down at a table directly across from theirs, not because I wanted to but because it was the only empty table in the cafeteria.

“On a diet huh?” I heard Blake’s annoying voice from across the table.

“You always have something to say don’t you? Get a life!” I responded.

“You’re lucky I didn’t mention that you look like a giant ball of constipation today.”

“Really? Is that all you got?  That doesn’t even make sense.  A giant ball of constipation?” I said, as I secretly regretted wearing this stupid brown t-shirt and black sweat pants. “I’d rather look like this instead of a broke down Justin Bieber.” The lunchroom laughed.  You would think I would be happy about this, but this was a problem.  It meant that people are now paying attention and that was only adding fuel to the fire.

My Formerly Popular Life Meet Amber Piper, an inbetweener (student who isn’t popular or nerdy) who just doesn’t get Math, or any other subject for that matter:

The class boredom was overwhelming, I decided to text my friend Megan England. One of the only people I could be goofy with.

ME: OMG! Lamest class ever!

MEGAN: Lamer than my home ec class, that’s in a trailer in the back of the school? And Y da heck are we learning about values and credit cards. I came to bake cakes.


I couldn’t stop grinning as I text Megan, she was so funny.

“Ms. Piper?” Mrs. Vanderbilt interrupted my thoughts, “I know when you guys are texting, because no one stares at their crotch and smiles. How about you come to the board and find the hypotenuse of this triangle?”

The class laughed, I could feel my face turn beet red.

I go up to the board and just stare at the picture drawn, in hopes that I can magically think something up.

My Not So Popular Life: Noelle Santiago had a taste of stardom and didn’t like it, here’s a quick look at Noelle:

My first kiss was a weird, practiced on my teddy bear first type of kiss.  It was written in the script, so it had to be done. I was so excited the day of the big kiss, I brushed my teeth at least eleven times, I used the best tasting lip gloss I owned, and I ate fifteen peppermints before the big moment.

That moment came, Luke Easton or Jake Davis (his character’s name) stood in front of me, well actually my character Luisa Sanchez, looking amazing.  His blonde hair was even lighter beneath all the bright stage lighting, and his hazel eyes were like a fantasy. My palms started to sweat, my heart was doing flips, and there I was shaking like a leaf.

“And action!” The director said.

“Luisa, I can’t pretend anymore.” Luke (Jake Davis) leaned down and pressed his lips on mine.  His very hard chapped lips, was his lips made of bones?  And what was that smell? If I was a vampire I’d be dead.  It was the longest, most disappointing, and dreadful three seconds of my life!  I’d practiced all night on Ping Pong my adorable teddy bear, for this? I touched my finger to my lips and looked at my hand, no blood, shocking.

Do you think pre-teens will enjoy these short stories? Yeah, me neither. Just kidding, the book is doing okay here locally with some middle school girls.  I haven’t learned how to market quite yet, or maybe I haven’t tried because I am my biggest critic.  Am I a great author? I would say not yet because I am still learning.  But one thing’s for sure, I am a great story teller, and I plan to give you a taste of that whenever I can with this blog. See you here in the future, hope you enjoy!

I dabbled with blogging in the past, but it shows how ADD I am, but if you want a brief look, here’s a link:


Robin broughton says:

Meka, you have some great stories. I can’t wait to buy your books.

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